EA Sports has released the highly anticipated FIFA 15 demo today, in advance of the official game release date of September 23rd, 2014 (September 18th for EA Access users).

The FIFA 15 Demo teams are:
  • Barcelona
  • Dortmund
  • Liverpool
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City
  • Napoli
  • PSG
  • Boca Juniors

What are your early impressions of the gameplay?
When HB Studios announced it was creating The Golf Club, it promised simulation-style golf with an open-ended course designer that would allow you to have a new experience every time you boot up the game. The concept was very intriguing, especially with the notable lack of a new EA Sports golf title to play in 2014.

Did it deliver on its promises, or does it leave us eagerly awaiting EA's next PGA game?

I. Game Modes:
The choices that the user has in The Golf Club certainly leaves a lot to be desired. There is, of course, the regular Play Now option where you can jump out onto any course available for download. You can play with 1-4 players, either locally on through online play. Seemingly the only game type which you can currently play with your...
After what everyone can deem as a failure in NBA 2k14's MyGM mode with the inclusion of VC, 2K Sports seem to have redeemed themselves with what they are offering in NBA 2k15. Game Informer has written a big article with some exclusive information on the new mode.

You can read the whole thing here. Or Below. After reading these changes, do you like how in-depth all of the new features are? Do you like the idea of a MyGM mode being based on the same aspects roleplaying games are? Are you hyped?

EA Sports has continued to unveil the top 50 players in the upcoming release of FIFA 15. What stands out in numbers 40-31? Two Chelsea Keepers (Courtois and Cech), and the meteoric rise of World Cup star James Rodriguez.

Here are numbers 40-31:
40. Karim Benzema - Real Madrid (Spain)
39. Carlos Tevez - Juventus (Italy)
38. Mario Götze - Bayern Munich (Germany)
37. Diego Costa - Chelsea (England)
36. Toni Kroos - Real Madrid (Spain)
35. Arturo Vidal - Juventus (Italy)
34. Petr Čech - Chelsea (England)
33. Edinson Cavani - PSG (France)
32. James Rodriguez - Real Madrid (Spain)
31. Thibaut Courtois - Chelsea (England)

EA has opened up the six hour trail window for NHL 15 to EA Early Access users.
While, graphically speaking, the game is one of the best we've seen on next-gen thus far, the lack of what would seem like standard features (EASHL, Online Franchises) could kill the games' overall potential and popularity.

What are you early impressions of the gameplay?
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